Health care for foreign citizens

Citizens of EU and non-EU countries with a valid residence permit are entitled to healthcare. To register with the National Health Service (SSN) and be issued a health card, you must contact the healthcare district and present your residence permit. Entry to the SSN is valid until the expiry date of the residence permit.

Foreign nationals awaiting regularization have the right to be admitted to the SSN for a renewable period of six months, until the residence permit is issued.

Non-EU citizens in an irregular position may apply for STP (Temporary Stay Foreigners) card, which entitles them to receive urgent healthcare. This card is issued by:

  • Administrative services of the individual health districts;
  • Admissions offices of the Central Emergency Department and the Obstetrics-Gynecology Emergency Entrance of the Padua City hospital;
  • Abano Terme nursing home;
  • The Department for Dependencies Sert – via dei Colli 4, Padua;
  • Public Soup Kitchen, via N. Tommaseo 12-16, Padua;
  • Nocturnal Outpatient Clinics, via del Torresino 4, Padua.

Citizens not registered with the National Health Service


Citizens who are not members of the National Health Service (SSN) are entitled to hospital care in an emergency/urgent situation. Any payment due for healthcare will be postponed until the end of the service.


The provision of elective (hospitalization and specialist) care is subject to compliance with some regulatory and administrative aspects of the care pathway, including early payment of the relevant fee or part thereof.
The patient who does not have a health card and is not assisted by the SSN must provide the Institute with a identification (identity card, passport, residence permit, etc.) and a healthcare document (eg TEAM, private insurance, STP card, etc.).

Before starting treatment, the patient will be informed of the costs. Please note the following examples:

  • the EU citizen who is being treated in Italy without authorization (model S2, ex E112, issued by the competent foreign institution) will bear the costs of the treatment;
  • non-EU citizens (e.g. with a valid tourist visa) will be charged for urgent and elective care;
  • foreign citizens with STP status and a declaration of indigence or with ENI (non-registrable European) status are entitled to urgent care provided that the attending physician certifies the urgency and essentiality at the time of care;
  • certain categories of Italian citizens (e.g. residents abroad who are registered in the AIRE Register) will bear the costs of elective care.

In case of acceptance of the cost estimate, the patient must sign a commitment to pay before the starting the care pathway. The commitment to pay can also be signed by a person other than the patient, who presents a valid form of identification. This procedure is essential to allow the patient to apply for a for medical care visa, which is necessary for a regular stay in Italy throughout the duration of the care pathway.