The mission of the IOV consists in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, and the pursuit of excellence in these fields through the development of basic, translational and clinical research, as well as the improvement in the organization of cancer treatment and care.

Fundamental elements are the rapid transfer of research results to patients, the multidisciplinary approach and the coordinated networking with the other cancer services throughout the Veneto region.


IOV – IRCCS is distinguished by its approach to cancer, which is characterized by the integration of primary and secondary prevention, treatment and research. IOV is part of a system that is widely oriented towards the continuous improvement of the quality of care and research in order to meet the increasingly complex needs of the population, making use of the evolution of techniques and knowledge.

The humanisation of care, the attention to the needs of the patient and family members, respect for human dignity and the entire person in all his/her biological, psychophysical and relational aspects, are the hallmarks shared throughout the IOV.

By virtue of its vocation for innovation, the IOV – IRCCS guarantees the continuity of care, the integration of health care professionals and services, and an appropriate and equitable use of resources.