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An essential component of research conducted at IOV is characterized by innovative clinical studies, precision medicine, and translational studies. Retrospective, observational, and interventional studies aimed at optimizing already available treatments and at developing innovative therapies based on molecular characterization and precision medicine are crucial to producing knowledge on optimal patient treatment. Another essential element is the search for predictive and prognostic factors and the use of patient reported outcomes (PROs) to evaluate the impact of new therapies on patients’ quality of life.


Research at the IOV is characterized by a continuous commitment to promotion and participation in pharmacological and non-pharmacological clinical research protocols. The results obtained to date have allowed us to develop and promote cutting-edge skills in the conception, coordination, and management of clinical and translational research initiatives. Collaboration with many Italian oncology departments guarantees competitive recruitment in international trials with innovative drugs. In the field of oncology, the rapid transfer of innovative therapies to the clinical setting guarantees many patients the opportunity to benefit from new real-time care opportunities. The results obtained must be measured and monitored with retrospective protocols, which are a valuable source of data for exploratory hypotheses to be verified longitudinally. The clinical research line is the point of arrival and departure for translational projects, and it is strictly related to the other IOV research lines.


Clinical research is intrinsic to the mission of an IRCCS. The strategic objective is to implement translational research, and to identify predictive response indicators to optimize the type and duration of innovative therapies (e.g. Immunotherapy), in order to guarantee effective and socially sustainable treatments. These aspects cannot be separated from the patient in his or her entirety; prevention, rehabilitation, nursing and psychological support, nutrition, pain relief, and quality of life find a perfect integration in research programs, designed with the same methodological rigor as that for clinical trials.

Global goals

  1. to perform research projects at each decision-making node of the therapeutic-care pathway: molecular characterization of tumors, translational research, personalization of care, quality of life;
  2. to expand non-pharmacological trials; retrospective and outcome analyses such as monitoring and verification of the results obtained;

Expected results

  • Progressive increase in the number of active clinical trials.
  • To design and participate in independent research study proposals and implement leadership of national and international initiatives.
  • To drive translational and non-pharmacological studies, including those aimed to detect predictive indicators of response and use of PROs as a parameter of quality of life.
  • Dissemination of results at national and international level.
  • increased participation, with significant roles for IOV staff, within Italian and international collaborative networks (e.g. cooperative groups, ACC, OECI, EORTC, etc).
Top 15 pubblicazioni 2018 linea 4
TitoloAutoriRivistaIF grezzo
Cabozantinib in patients with advanced and progressing hepatocellular carcinomaAbou-Alfa Ghassan K., Meyer Tim, Cheng Ann Lii, El-Khoueiry Anthony B., Rimassa Lorenza, Ryoo Baek Yeol, Cicin Irfan, Merle Philippe, Chen Yen Hsun, Park Joong Won, Blanc Jean Frederic, Bolondi Luigi, Kl¿¿mpen Heinz Josef, Chan Stephen L., zagonel vittorina, Pressiani Tiziana, Ryu Min Hee, Venook Alan P., Hessel Colin, Borgman-Hagey Anne E., Schwab Gisela, Kelley Robin K.NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE79.26
Addition of dose-intensified doxorubicin to standard chemotherapy for rhabdomyosarcoma (EpSSG RMS 2005): a multicentre, open-label, randomised controlled, phase 3 trialGroup European paediatric Soft tissue sarcoma Study, Bisogno Gianni, Jenney Meriel, Bergeron Christophe, Gallego Melc¿¿n Soledad, Ferrari Andrea, Oberlin Odile, Carli Modesto, Stevens Michael, Kelsey Anna, De Paoli Angela, Gaze Mark N, Martelli Helene, Devalck Christine, Merks Johannes H, Ben-Arush Myriam, Glosli Heidi, Chisholm Julia, Orbach Daniel, Minard-Colin Veronique, De Salvo Gian LucaLANCET ONCOLOGY36.421
Encorafenib plus binimetinib versus vemurafenib or encorafenib in patients with BRAF-mutant melanoma (COLUMBUS) a multicentre, open-label, randomised phase 3 trialDummer Reinhard, Ascierto Paolo A, Gogas Helen J, Arance Ana, Mandala Mario, Liszkay Gabriella, Garbe Claus, Schadendorf Dirk, Krajsova Ivana, Gutzmer Ralf, chiarion sileni vanna, Dutriaux Caroline, de Groot Jan Willem B, Yamazaki Naoya, Loquai Carmen, Moutouh-de Parseval Laure A, Pickard Michael D, Sandor Victor, Robert Caroline, Flaherty Keith TLANCET ONCOLOGY36.421
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Regorafenib compared with lomustine in patients with relapsed glioblastoma (REGOMA) a multicentre, open-label, randomised, controlled, phase 2 trialLOMBARDI GIUSEPPE, De Salvo Gian Luca, Brandes Alba Ariela, Eoli Marica, Rud¿¿ Roberta, Faedi Marina, Lolli Ivan, Pace Andrea, Daniele Bruno, Pasqualetti Francesco, Rizzato Simona, Bellu Luisa, Pambuku Ardi, Farina Miriam, Magni Giovanna, Indraccolo Stefano, Gardiman Marina Paola, Soffietti Riccardo, zagonel vittorinaLANCET ONCOLOGY36.421
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