Prof. Antonio Rosato


This research line aims to analyze the interactions between immunity and cancer, and to identify, propose, and implement therapeutic solutions based on the stimulation of the effector components of the immune system. At IOV, these aspects will be studied through:

  • the evaluation in experimental models of the efficacy of new vaccine formulations, of adoptive immunotherapy approaches, and of pharmacological interventions aimed at restoring the full efficiency of the immune system;
  • the analysis and identification of new immune and prognostic and / or predictive biomarkers in the context of the current clinical activity and the experiments already underway.


Immunotherapy of tumors is experiencing an important phase of cultural renaissance, particularly thanks to the recent introduction, into the armament of cancer therapies, of immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICI) and monoclonal antibodies (mAb) able to prevent the feedback inhibition of activated T cell, and to stimulate protective and therapeutic T cell responses directed against tumor neoantigens deriving from mutations of normal neoplastic cell proteins, which behave as highly tumor-specific antigens. These observations present potentially important breakthroughs, as they allow us to envision, on the one hand, possible personalized immunotherapeutic interventions, and, on the other, to conceive combinatorial therapies of ICI and vaccines and / or adoptive therapies with T cells able to favor the expansion and functionality of highly effective effector populations.


The introduction of ICIs in current oncology practice is dramatically changing the expectations of clinical outcomes for some tumor types; however, it also imposes, in an equally dramatic way, the identification of predictive biomarkers of response capable of guiding patient selection, in order to rationalize and personalize therapies in view of both toxicity profiles and cost effectiveness. On the other hand, vaccine and cellular immunotherapeutic strategies are virtually unrecognized in our country on the basis of cultural and research deficiencies, and of technological, regulatory, and economic difficulties to implement these approaches, in particular, the engineering of T cells. Moreover, a strategic plan to develop adequate facilities for the manufacture of cellular drugs for therapeutic use is lacking.

Global goals

  • to obtain immunogenetic profiles of neoplasms of immunological relevance;
  • to obtain cellular immunoprofiles at the peripheral level and in the tumor-stroma (immunoscore);
  • to develop preclinical models for the experimentation of innovative immunotherapies.

Expected results

Expected results during the three-year period include: a) the implementation of an integrated immunoprofiling platform based on NGS, cytometry, and digital pathology able to identify and validate new prognostic or predictive biomarkers; b) the strengthening of preclinical adoptive immunotherapy studies to be effectively transferred into phase 1 clinical studies.

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